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<!--120110531030369-->Stig Of The Dump - 'Mood Swings' [CD]
<!--120110531030369-->Stig Of The Dump - 'Mood Swings' [CD]
<!--120110531030369-->Stig Of The Dump - 'Mood Swings' [CD]
<!--120110531030369-->Stig Of The Dump - 'Mood Swings' [CD]

Stig Of The Dump

Mood Swings




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Newly signed to Lewis Recordings Stig of The Dump releases his second album 'Mood Swings'.

Right from the Doug Stanhope sampled opener the tone of the album is set, a brutally honest collection of songs from a truly original lyricist. Aptly named, 'Mood Swings' takes you on a journey, a journey encompassing hilarity, tragedy, angst, bravado and above all else a message of uncompromising individualism.

From the classic dusty breaks of "Back" to the celebrity lambasting 'Planet Hollywood' or the tongue in cheek strip club banger "Give It Up", Stig takes not-giving-a-fuck to a level entirely unfathomed before. However, far from just an album full of boozy attitude, time is taken out between his sardonic observations to show true diversity. Be it the introspective and inspirational 'Whats Up (25/8)', the anthemic anger driven 'Hater' and it's rock addled live version 'Hardcore Hater', the angst fuelled 'Wind The Clock' or the intricately weaved imagery of 'Big City Blues'. The album is consistently fervent, and undeniably passionate throughout.

Guest production from one of the country's biggest talents - Jehst - on 'Who's That Muddy Funkster' is the icing on the cake, with cuts from DJ Manipulate, this is a banger of epic proportions and a collabo dreamt up in the mind of home grown fans everywhere.

Also included on the LP is the lead single from the album, 'I Got Game' - bringing a computer-game sampling, screw face inducing beast of an entity depicting exactly what the fans demand from the recently crowned, undefeated, 2 X World and UK E.O.W Champion.

If all of the above isn't enough, the massive previously released singles 'Intoxicated' and 'Braindead' featuring R.A the Rugged Man are also included on this incredible project.

The name alone holds weight enough for this to be in stereo's, iPods and club systems nationwide, but both lyrically and musically, this album stands strong.
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