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<!--020120424044957-->StrongSmith - 'Gladiator School' [CD]
<!--020120424044957-->StrongSmith - 'Gladiator School' [CD]
<!--020120424044957-->StrongSmith - 'Gladiator School' [CD]
<!--020120424044957-->StrongSmith - 'Gladiator School' [CD]


Gladiator School



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  • Apr 24, 2012
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 884501692007
  • SS1201GSCD
  • 2.8 oz
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  • E-Terrible; StrongSmith
"In the halls...I had to prove I had balls/ It was like gladiator school learned what to do in a brawl" -StrongSmith

Gladiator School in this context is referring to detention centers for minors known as "Juvenile Halls", where I spent a significant portion of my adolescent years." This inspired me to name my first release Gladiator School (written and produced entirely by yours truly, with the exception of one track) a graphic portrayal of coming of age in the "City by the Sea" Long Beach, Ca.

Ranging from the intensely personal lyrics of "Think Crime" an autobiographical tale that details the circumstances leading up to being paralyzed in a shooting incident at age 13, to the feel good funky far eastern vibes of "Brew Or the Bubbly?" or the abrasive flows and intricate rhyme schemes of "Coded Bars" ( "I came a long way to burn you/ Born and raised on the east side of Dante's inferno") I want my music to represent all aspects of my personality. I try to emphasize not just wit and wordplay, but also storytelling and insightful lyrics, over a backdrop of loop oriented tracks...influences spanning from psychedelic rock, jazz, to "70's soul. I'm currently performing live shows to promote my new album, and working on new projects in my downtime.

"You can't cage me in a zoo, I'm untamed/ You do exactly what they say 'cause you were trained/ Our these criminal traits just too ingrained/ From pumping chemical waste right through our veins?"
-"Born Alone"
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