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Styles P

Gangster Chronicles



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  • Dec 23, 2008
  • 881921221008
  • BOB22100DVD
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  • Best Of The Block Entertainment
Styles P steps out into the ever-fast growing world of DVD cinema to bring you Gangster Chronicles Vol 1.2, one of many editions to follow in the footsteps of this powerfully packed DVD. Filled with NBA stars such as Baron Davis, rappers Young Jeezy, Cassidy, D-Block, Jim Jones, E-40, and Busta Rhymes, this DVD is unlike no other and delivers a theme based on influences from every superstar feature on this DVD. This is a D-Block Edition based on real successes and struggles of an artist's fight to get to the top of Billboard Charts. Gangster Chronicles gives fans stories and insight straight from the mouth of many well-established artists. Sit back and watch as Styles P conducts each interview himself bringing each star's success story success to life. The DVD kicks off with live performances by DBlock in front of packed crowds and then sit down with Cassidy for his first one-on-one interview surrounding his incarceration. Jim Jones and Busta Rhymes explain how their influences played a part in guiding their careers while Jeezy drops gems about street life. Jadakiss visits Yonkers to walk viewers through growing up in New York. He talks about why he's D-Block's "Clean-up Man," what fans can expect from the group this year, and Sheek Louch "The Silverback Gorilla" himself makes his appearance representing D-Block. Styles also talks with NBA's Baron Davis about how he learned to play ball with the local hood homeboys, while at the same time keeping his eyes on the prize amongst LA's warring Bloods and Crips. Fat Joe explains his loyalty to the game and to those around him that influenced his rap career while the king of the Bay area, E-40, speaks to taking entrepreneurship to the next level by selling thousands of his own CD's out the trunk. Gangster Chronicles Vol 1.2 contains exclusive interviews, videos, and more - expect only the best from Best Of The Block Inc.