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<!--020110607032175-->Sunspot Jonz - 'Galaxy Of Dreams Vol. 1 - G.O.D.' [CD]
<!--020110607032175-->Sunspot Jonz - 'Galaxy Of Dreams Vol. 1 - G.O.D.' [CD]
<!--020110607032175-->Sunspot Jonz - 'Galaxy Of Dreams Vol. 1 - G.O.D.' [CD]
<!--020110607032175-->Sunspot Jonz - 'Galaxy Of Dreams Vol. 1 - G.O.D.' [CD]

Sunspot Jonz

Galaxy Of Dreams Vol. 1 - G.O.D.



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Living Legends co-founder Sunspot Jonz returns with his brand new critically acclaimed album "Galaxy of Dreams." The G.O.D. LP is Part 1 of a two part album series that features such artists as Luckyiam, Aceyalone, Pigeon John, Abstract Rude, Hymnself, and The Light. This album sonically pushes through all barriers, commercially and underground, from the original content, dynamic features, and various dope producers that have given the album an uplifting bounce to new heights of originality and rhythms. The album was recorded in Los Angeles at the illustrious Dream Academy studios and mixed in San Francisco in the historic underground hub "Data Stream Studious" which is in the heart of the Haight, Filmore District.

The already self-proclaimed "King of the Four Track" celebrates ten years from when he released the already classic album "Child ov the Storm" and is shooting six videos off the album produced and directed by many rising LA talents and at least two that will be serviced to mass media markets including MTV and MTV Jams for a single premiere. There is also a G.O.D. summer gour planned across the Northwest and Canada. When asked about the album Sunspot replied "The album Galaxy of Dreams aka G.O.D., is named that because we are ever expanding and one cannot be afraid to travel out into the unknown to show the true passion of wanting to be yourself." Sunspot knows about dreams and how hard it is to be yourself growing up in poverty in East Oakland, California. He grew up in multiple fostercare homes and had many buots of homelessness leaving music his only safe haven. On Galaxy of Dreams he spits every word with such thoughtful precision reminding us you don't have to be a gangsta or thug. You just have to have heart to realize the talents of your soul.

Sunspot Jonz along with groupmate Luckyiam founded Living Legends after being in their own group Mystic Journeymen back in 1995. They wanted to make something different then the negativity projected daily on the radio. Known for their underground mantra "Unsigned & Hella Broke" and strong DIY ethic, the Journeymen inspired a generation with their prolific styles and "Fuck the industry" outlook. Sunspot, solo-wise, has dropped numerous classic underground albums since 2000 and has stayed an active member of the Living Legends releasing albums as well as touring extensively through Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, and throughout the U.S. on numerous tours such as Rock the Bells and The Smoke Out.

One of the last true underground emcees the Earth has left to offer, Sunspot Jonz weilds his MPC and microphone in the air like Excalibur continuing to put forth originality, positivity and dope beats. G.O.D. is the epitome of TruArt always evolving and creating new dimensions of bumping dope beats. Music is our only voice against time - KEEP THE UNDERGROUND ALIVE!!
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