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<!--020130827058857-->Syntax - 'Dialog 'a' Rhythmic' [CD]
<!--020130827058857-->Syntax - 'Dialog 'a' Rhythmic' [CD]
<!--020130827058857-->Syntax - 'Dialog 'a' Rhythmic' [CD]
<!--020130827058857-->Syntax - 'Dialog 'a' Rhythmic' [CD]


Dialog 'a' Rhythmic



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After years of developing his craft through various group projects, solo mixtapes and incessant freestyling, Syntax is ready to tell his solo story via his debut release "Dialog'a'Rhythmic." The title is a play on words referring to, "the constant inner dialog in my head, set to a rhythm," as well as the logarithmic scale of sound pressure used to calculate the decibel. Each track is an exploration of the emotions and experiences of a man struggling through the tumultuous times of his 20's. The album is rife with concepts such as failed relationships, adjusting to 9-5 work life, societal pressure, the unavoidable pursuit of money and a longing for growth inside of a system designed to stifle such ambition. With in house production mainly from peers this album is sure to hit home with anyone seeking out a refreshing take on the golden era sound. Syntax combines clever wordplay, tightly knit rhyme schemes and vivid imagery to create a uniquely loose but precise presentation. The album features guest emcees L.i.f.e. Long of Stronghold, Emcee Sick of Pseudo Slang, Man Danno and Dox.
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