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<!--2005112256-->Talib Kweli - 'Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD' [CD]

Talib Kweli

Right About Now: The Official Sucka Free Mix CD



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Talib's really caught some heat in the past year or so. His last offering got bootlegged brutally and ended up having all types of problems from clearing samples to just plain pretty much sucking. Talib's definitely seeking a different route, what seems to be more independent, and is showcased on his newest album/official mix tape "Right About Now." I like how after the whole mix tape thing being the standard way to put out hip-hop there's now official mix tapes and unofficial mix tapes. In 10 years, we'll have bootleggers bootlegging these official mix tapes and places selling the "official" and "unofficial" versions of "official" mix tapes. Talib really went for it on this one from a production standpoint, with everyone from Doom to Kareem Riggins getting on what appears to be a return to form for Talib.
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