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<!--020090609016505-->Thaione Davis - 'Still Hear' [CD]
<!--020090609016505-->Thaione Davis - 'Still Hear' [CD]
<!--020090609016505-->Thaione Davis - 'Still Hear' [CD]
<!--020090609016505-->Thaione Davis - 'Still Hear' [CD]

Thaione Davis

Still Hear



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Employing comrade Rashid Hadee (Little Brother, Chapter 13) for assistance, the two present a sandy snapshot of pure beats rhymes and life entitled STILL HEAR. Rashid handles complete production and provides a post 90's backdrop of dusty sample rich melodies over chunky drumbeats. Simple in essence.effortless quality, Thaione rhymes with the carefree vigor of a young seventeen year old backpack enthusiast less concerned with majority opinion. Slick and poignant content with signature easy to swallow delivery, STILL HEAR represents an unassuming approach of microphone mastery and well thought out composition. Relevant lyrics in relevant times.

A testimony of a casual day on the southside of Chicago, 15 tracks of seamless candor. A refreshing presentation of dope beats and rhymes full of integrity and conviction. Guest appearances include Iomos Marad, Longshot, King, Ben Butter, Infinito 2017, J. Hewitt (fka Cosmo Galactus), and Rashid Hadee all on the premier posse cut "Tradesmen". With Chapter 13 affiliate Melatone appearing on hill street boom bap "Problems", STILL HEAR is guaranteed to be another staple in Thaione's consistent catalog of quality music.
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