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<!--020040210016213-->Thavius Beck - 'Decomposition' [CD]

Thavius Beck




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Arrangements on Thavius Beck's Mush debut burrow into the brain with a mix of melodic samples, chopped breaks, pulsating synths, and head-swirling delay, and then morph into genre-bending sound paintings adorned with hallucinogenic vocal samples. Four full vocal tracks - "Open Your Fucking Eyes" (featuring vocals by Thavius Beck himself), "June Gloom" (vocals by Subtitle), "Amongst the Shadows" (vocals by Cedric Bixler-Zavala of Mars Volta), and "Demons of Destruction" (vocals by Longevity of Darkleaf) - are right at home among instrumental tracks that are as densely layered and well crafted as modern electronic music.
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