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<!--2010012613-->Thavius Beck - 'Dialogue' [CD]
<!--2010012613-->Thavius Beck - 'Dialogue' [CD]
<!--2010012613-->Thavius Beck - 'Dialogue' [CD]
<!--2010012613-->Thavius Beck - 'Dialogue' [CD]

Thavius Beck



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On Dialogue, his third full-length for Mush Records [and first for Big Dada], Thavius Beck continues to push the boundaries of hip-hop beatmaking, grounding lo-fi digital drum kits in icy layers of synths and sliced up samples. Fresh off of production duties on Saul Williams' Niggy Tardust album with Trent Reznor, Beck's work on Dialogue is razor sharp. This release also finds Thavius spending more time in front of the mic, delivering the type of rhymes that originally gained him notoriety as a member of Global Phlowtations. The consummate iconoclast, Beck cleverly critiques many of America's ills with a dry, satirical wit that never falls into preachiness. With each passing release, Thavius Beck continues to prove that the only musical boundaries he sees are ones he has already left behind.
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