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<!--020061003016212-->Thavius Beck - 'Thru' [CD]
<!--020061003016212-->Thavius Beck - 'Thru' [CD]
<!--020061003016212-->Thavius Beck - 'Thru' [CD]
<!--020061003016212-->Thavius Beck - 'Thru' [CD]

Thavius Beck




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On Thru, Thavius Beck returns with his signature blend of mind bending experimental hip hop and dark synth driven industrial electronics. The album features thriteen tracks of densely layered samples, pulsating synths, dizzying delay, and frantic beats that build on the sound established on 2004ws breakout Decomposition. Beck himself provides v ocals on a couple of tracks but the album also features outstanding contributions from touring partner and hip hop poet laureate Saul Williams, folk songstress Mia Doi Todd, LA undergound staple 2Mex and up and coming emcee Nocando. Thru cements Becks position as one of electronic music productions boldest voices.
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