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<!--020101207038985-->The Associates - 'Get Associated' [CD]
<!--020101207038985-->The Associates - 'Get Associated' [CD]
<!--020101207038985-->The Associates - 'Get Associated' [CD]
<!--020101207038985-->The Associates - 'Get Associated' [CD]

The Associates

Get Associated



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"Get Associated" is the debut album from The Associates and strives to offer listeners a welcome challenge to their connotation of what rap music should be. Consisting of college graduates, Maxwell Corleone and Stkee, this album features beats, lyrics, and production engineered by the duo. With influences from the 60s sounds like Jimi Hendrix to 2000's artists such as Outkast, funk and lyricism can be heard throughout.

The upbeat serenade "She's Fresh" has gained appeal through stage performances and offers a song about boy meets girl that doesn't degrade women or content. For those looking for more of a pop sound there is "iGen" (internet generation) which talks about rocking out through social media. Whereas "Last Breath" is crafted for those into more of a backpacker and lyricist sound, with its lyrics about giving everything through their music.
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