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<!--120080805014260-->The Brand New Heavies - 'Get Used To It: The Tom Moulton Mixes' [CD]
<!--120080805014260-->The Brand New Heavies - 'Get Used To It: The Tom Moulton Mixes' [CD]
<!--120080805014260-->The Brand New Heavies - 'Get Used To It: The Tom Moulton Mixes' [CD]
<!--120080805014260-->The Brand New Heavies - 'Get Used To It: The Tom Moulton Mixes' [CD]

The Brand New Heavies

Get Used To It: The Tom Moulton Mixes




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Here is the story of The Brand New Heavies' "Get Used To It: The Tom Moulton Mixes": in the summer of 2007, Delicious Vinyl released a historic 12" record, Tom Moulton's mix of The Brand New Heavies comeback cover version of Stevie Wonder's immortally lovelorn "I Don't Know Why (I Love You)." A live-wire lattice of gutbucket Clavinet, rock-ribbed rimshots, and too-true diva N'Dea Davenport plumbing emotion from her burning hot heart, Moulton's mix was a marriage made in musical heaven. And it was just the jumping off point for the full-length you now read about.

Tom Moulton has been called "one of the most important people in the history of dance music." A true soul/R&B/disco pioneer, Moulton played a crucial role in the creation of the now-standard format of the 12" single, and is renowned for mixing vintage hits including MFSB's "Love Is The Message" and The Andrea True Connection's "More, More, More", as well as producing Grace Jones' 1977 debut album "Portfolio". His masterful mixes are synonymous with the greatness of the Salsoul Records' catalog, and the label credit 'A Tom Moulton Mix' is guaranteed to make any DJ or disco break freak start salivating.

As for The Brand New Heavies, the soul-saving R&B/Funk group has long outlasted the "Acid Jazz" movement they spearheaded in the mid-to-late '80s. Having remained a formidable live and in-studio act ever since, drummer/keyboardist Jan Kincaid, guitarist Simon Bartholemew, and bassist Andrew Levy reunited with original singer N'Dea Davenport in 2006 to record the strongest album of their career, "Get Used To It".

That set the stage for Tom Moulton to enter the frame. "So last year when Tom reached out ranting and raving about the Heavies," says Mike Ross, owner of Delicious Vinyl, "and once I realized who he was, he quickly became my new best friend. Tom was experiencing The Heavies for the first time, and he was so excited about their sound and what he could do with it, I was like, 'yeah man, do your thing!' I knew Tom mixing The Heavies would be something special. The only thing was, we'd already mixed and released the album by the time Tom contacted us! But I began sending him the tracks anyway, and he started sending back his mixes, one by one."

And what mixes they turned out to be. "Get Used To It: The Tom Moulton Mixes" is nothing less than a new high-point in the continuum of Soul music. Fans familiar with the original version of "Get Used To It" will find much to love about Moulton's discernibly different mixes, while those coming here first will have hit the proverbial jackpot straight away.

No one is more excited about this newly mixed album than The Heavies themselves. This enthusiasm is in copious evidence when Heavies guitarist Simon Bartholomew calls in from London to speak for the group: "It's our proud pleasure, an honor really to have our music touched by the extraordinary brilliance of Tom. He's a dancefloor legend! I would almost describe it as risk-taking compared to the way we use it. Tom's mixes are definetely seductive!" Seductive? You bet. And it's that sense of delirious helplessness under the spell of magical music that's best articulated by the mix maestro himself, "You can't fight a good Soul record. Soul goes so deep it gets right to the gut. If there's an ounce of soul in any record, I will find it. And TBNH have a lot more than an ounce of soul!" So dim the lights, break out the bubbly, and get ready to "Get Used To It"... again, Tom Moulton style.
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