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<!--2005121309-->The Budos Band - 'Budos Band' [CD]

The Budos Band

Budos Band


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  • Dec 13, 2005
  • Funk/ Jazz/ Soul
  • 823134000520
  • DAP005CD
  • 2.0 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Daptone Records
This is like a dream match up for some people, actually this works for anybody who has a pulse. Ranging from your designer toting uptown girls to your smelly hippy friends who really need to realize nothing Tom's works. Budos Band is comprised of members of the funk outfit Daptones and afro beat staple, Anti balas. Anti balas is sick live and has really been all over the place constantly performing and getting a big write up in Wax Poetics a few months back. Just listen to "Up in the South" and you'll need this.
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