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<!--2010042042-->The Consulate General - 'Person Number' [CD]
<!--2010042042-->The Consulate General - 'Person Number' [CD]
<!--2010042042-->The Consulate General - 'Person Number' [CD]
<!--2010042042-->The Consulate General - 'Person Number' [CD]

The Consulate General

Person Number


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Person Number is the debut release by The Consulate General, a new project led by Alexander Chen of Boy in Static. Formed from a set of songs written and recorded after relocating to Gothenburg, Sweden, the album features a strong group of collaborators. A duet with Antoine Bedard (Montag), "What Time Is It Now," opens the album with detached yet emotional male harmonies. Multi-instrumentalists John Chao (of Misha) and Ryan Fritch (of Sole & The Skyrider Band) lend a hand on everything from marimba to double bass. Simon Scott (of Slowdive) joins near the end on "17th street," dressing 1940's crooner melodies with modern ambient electronics. It's an album full of similarly unlikely matches. "Liesa Lietzke" intersects doo-wop melodies with dissected IDM beats; "Half-Day Honeymoon" places light viola pizzicato over sub-heavy bass tones. From the single-ready chorus of the first track to the dreamy soundscape of the closer, Person Number is a richly layered debut album worth multiple listens.
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