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<!--020050412000857-->The Dix - 'The Art Of Picking Up Women' [CD]

The Dix

The Art Of Picking Up Women



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People often ask, "Who are The Dix?" These charismatic young men hail from soulful Compton, New York, home of the infamous "Booty Clap". The Dix came onto the scene in 1957 as The Bangkoks with original members Orgynius, Peter O'Tool, Tro John, and John Handcock. The Bangkoks boasted a top ten hit called "Love Biscuit" which was the anthem of every blue-lighted house party in 1962. The Bangkoks reassembled nearly 40 years later as the Dix, with the addition of new group members Dik Gracin and the Jonsun Brothers thus creating a brand new sound that could only be described as "Orgasmic". The Dix do more than just hit the spot, their cataclysmic rhythms and harmonies combined with their explosive dance moves makes The Dix one of the best groups to ever grace the recording industry.
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