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<!--120131119060438-->The Godfathers - 'Once Upon A Crime' [CD]
<!--120131119060438-->The Godfathers - 'Once Upon A Crime' [CD]
<!--120131119060438-->The Godfathers - 'Once Upon A Crime' [CD]
<!--120131119060438-->The Godfathers - 'Once Upon A Crime' [CD]

The Godfathers

Once Upon A Crime




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Necro, born in Brooklyn, New York, grew up in the Glenwood Housing Projects. Necro started rapping at 8 years old reciting the full song lyrics to popular hiphop songs out at the time. Necro derived his stage-name from the Slayer song "Necrophobic". Necro has released over 37 albums through his self owned record label, Psycho+Logical-Records, and has built a fan-base that has grown with every release.

Necro, as a student of the game, was highly influenced by Kool G Rap's lyrical ability. G Rap is considered a legend by many of his rap peers, so when the opportunity to work with him presented itself it was a no brainer for Necro to make it happen.

Necro on Godfathers:
"The Godfathers album is about pure east coast lyricism over hardcore beats. Kool G rap is the legendary godfather of all criminal street gangster rap, he invented most of what you see today, and lyrically every dope MC is inspired by him, including myself. On the flipside of that coin, you have me, the underground king of Death Rap and extreme hip-hop, nobody in the field gets more respect than Necro for brutal rhymes and hardcore production. This has lead to the combination of us working together since both Mc's are the godfathers of their own styles. You will hear both rappers lyrically gunning over an entire album, produced by myself, with gritty dark street production. This record is for the diehard fans of that 90's style hiphop, and is the total opposite of today's commercial music, the last of a dying breed."

Kool G Rap:
Kool G Rap started his solo career with the album 4,5,6, which featured production from Buckwild, and guest appearances from Nas, MF Grimm and B-1 – it has been his most commercially successful record, reaching No.24 on the US Billboard 200 album chart. This was followed by Roots of Evil in 1998 and The Giancana Story in 2002. "My Life" the hit single from the album featuring Talk Box legend G-Wise reached No.5 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts. In the following years, mixtapes were made and further collaborations continued. There were even rumors of G Rap's signing to both Rocafella and G-Unit records, and at one point Maybach Music. In 2007 he released Half a Klip on Chinga Chang Records, featuring production from, among others, DJ Premier and Marley Marl. A full LP was released in 2011, Riches, Royalty, Respect showcasing his true to form style and lyricism.
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