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<!--2000053022-->The Infesticons - 'Gun Hill Road' [CD]
<!--2000053022-->The Infesticons - 'Gun Hill Road' [CD]
<!--2000053022-->The Infesticons - 'Gun Hill Road' [CD]
<!--2000053022-->The Infesticons - 'Gun Hill Road' [CD]

The Infesticons

Gun Hill Road



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GUN HILL ROAD is a concept album in which the Kristal-sipping, bootie-shaking, money-spending "Majesticons" are targeted for annihilation by the free-thinking, no-label-wearing, weed-smoking, manifesto-reading heroes, the "Infesticons." This cultural war takes place on a platform of dissonant, twisted beats courtesy of Infesticon ringleader and Gun Hill Road (a street in the Bronx) resident muse, Mike Ladd.

Ladd, a poet-turned-MC, helped break down the wall between coffee shop poetry and street corner cipher hip-hop with his albums EASY LISTENING FOR ARMAGEDDON and WELCOME TO THE AFTERFUTURE. His razor-sharp tongue and penetrating powers of observation are just as strong here. Ladd's delivery and space-crafted beats are the highlight on any album he puts out; both are in top form as Ladd tackles materialism, corruption, corporate media and vanity via the Infesticons versus Majesticons skirmishes. Guest MCs and poets, from Liza Jesse Peterson and Saul Williams, to Priest and Beans of Anti-Pop Consortium, round out the avant garde roster.
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