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<!--2014071520-->The Other Guys - 'Seeds Of Ambition' [CD]
<!--2014071520-->The Other Guys - 'Seeds Of Ambition' [CD]
<!--2014071520-->The Other Guys - 'Seeds Of Ambition' [CD]
<!--2014071520-->The Other Guys - 'Seeds Of Ambition' [CD]

The Other Guys

Seeds Of Ambition


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Mighty Joe & Isaiah "Insanate" Mensah are the alternative hip hop group The Other Guys, and yes before you ask, their name predates the Will Ferrell movie. The two musicians are both cousins and hail from the Washington, DC area. The Other Guys began producing together back in 2006. They have produced for and worked with artist such as Homeboy Sandman, Substantial,Tanya Morgan, Sadat X (Brand Nubian), yU, and Fresh Daily.

In 2012, The Other Guys walked away from panhandling beats to underground artists, and began releasing their own EPs independently. "The Other Album" which they released in 2012 was received with critical acclaim. Their Instrumental project "The Week EP" was rated as one of the Top 25 Instrumental Projects of 2013 by DEADENDHIPHOP.

Utilizing an eclectic assortment of samples, live drums, analog keyboards, and discussing "everyday man" issues, The Other Guys' music is a testament to what hip-hop music used to be, as well as what it could be.
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