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<!--2012081417-->The Quantic Soul Orchestra - 'Pushin' On' [CD]
<!--2012081417-->The Quantic Soul Orchestra - 'Pushin' On' [CD]
<!--2012081417-->The Quantic Soul Orchestra - 'Pushin' On' [CD]
<!--2012081417-->The Quantic Soul Orchestra - 'Pushin' On' [CD]

The Quantic Soul Orchestra

Pushin' On



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At just 25 years of age Will Holland aka Quantic released 'Pushin On', his sixth studio album for Tru Thoughts and his second as leader of the Quantic Soul Orchestra.

The Quantic Soul Orchestra is a live affair - a group of highly talented players paying homage to the funk explosion of the early Seventies.

"Putting something back is how Will Holland described the reason for starting The Quantic Soul Orchestra. 'Super 8' was the first 7" release (and now sells for big bucks on Ebay like an original 7"s funk 45).

The debut, 'Stampede' album took the Deep Funk sound of the early 21st Century to a much wider audience with no compromise on quality. The success of this release led to the QSO becoming a full time act on its own right.

The second album, 'Pushin' On' further cemented the reputation of the QSO and by now the live band were playing to literally thousands of people.

Sticking to the original Quantic Soul Orchestra manifesto of groove-laden live funk music for the 21st Century, 'Pushin On' features Will's long-time collaborator, Alice Russell on four tracks.
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