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<!--120140715064665-->The Relatives - 'Don't Let Me Fall/ Leave Something Worthwhile' [(Black) 7" Vinyl Single]

The Relatives

Don't Let Me Fall/ Leave Something Worthwhile

Black Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record



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Rev. Gean West had been leading Gospel groups for almost 20 years when he formed The Relatives in 1970. While dedicated to spreading The Word, the new band would have what West called a "street sound" as a response to the increasingly funky music of black America. Two younger members of The Relatives, Rev. West's brother Tommie and guitarist Charles Ray Mitchell, we're ver y much under the influence of Eddie Hazel and Funkadelic when they cut the unparalleled Psychedelic Gospel burner, "Don't Let Me Fall." "Don't let me fall, I've been as far as I can go," explains Rev. West of the song's plea. Self-released as a tiny batch of 45's in the early 1970's -- and nearly impossible to find today -- this is the first time "Don't Let Me Fall" has been reissued on 7-inch. In 1975, The Relatives went into the studio of legendar y Texas engineer Phil York with a reinvigorated line-up and a new set of songs. From this inspired recording session came "Leave Something Worthwhile." Featuring a powerful group vocal soaring over Earnest Tarkington's funky drums and Zebbie Thomas' guitar licks, it's hard to believe this track sat unreleased for over 30 years. After years of requests that "Worthwhile" be pressed as a 45, Ever-Soul is proud to release it here for the first time on 7-inch.
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