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<!--120110906033185-->The Silent Titan - 'For The Rest Of My Days...' [CD]
<!--120110906033185-->The Silent Titan - 'For The Rest Of My Days...' [CD]
<!--120110906033185-->The Silent Titan - 'For The Rest Of My Days...' [CD]
<!--120110906033185-->The Silent Titan - 'For The Rest Of My Days...' [CD]

The Silent Titan

For The Rest Of My Days...




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"I would really love for my music to be heard all over the world and represent real Hip Hop", says Australian based producer The Silent Titan. Since 2000, The Silent Titan aka Tomasz Charuk has been hard at work on crafting his own sound. Inspired by greats like Pete Rock, Madlib, Dilla, Rza, Black Milk, 9th wonder, and Flying Lotus, Tomasz has perfected his own approach to beatmaking.

Tomasz remembers the early days, "I had a friend who moved to Sydney in our later years of high school. Every weekend, he'd bring these dope mixtapes of mostly underground U.S. artists... stuff like Black Sheep, Hieroglyphics, Wu Tang, Boot Camp Clik, DITC, Common, etc. We actually had no idea who was on the tapes until we slowly researched and discovered, but I guess this is the reason I began dj'ing, graffiti writing, collecting records, and later on buying an MPC. I was like, 'I love all this music, I can do this too', and so it began."

Inspired by a variety of music genres, Tomasz developed his own style. More than just looping a sample, he adds his own touch of live instruments and melodic arrangements to create a rich and lush soundscape. Worthy of being mentioned among his influences, Tomasz takes pride in his work but remains humble when being compared to them. As a producer who has great honor and devotion for Hip Hop culture, he feels that he's here to express himself with what these pioneers have taught him without emulating their sound.

The Silent Titan is excited about his first U.S. release. "I feel incredibly honored and excited to have the album released in the States. The scene in Australia is definitely at an all time high, popularity wise, but there are very few Hip Hop artists who actually make a decent living at it. The release through Fat Beats Distribution is a huge stepping-stone for me to build my profile and create a loyal worldwide fan base, especially living so far away from the rest of the world."
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