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<!--020120529044355-->The Spy From Cairo - 'Arabadub Sampler' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020120529044355-->The Spy From Cairo - 'Arabadub Sampler' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020120529044355-->The Spy From Cairo - 'Arabadub Sampler' [(Black) Vinyl EP]
<!--020120529044355-->The Spy From Cairo - 'Arabadub Sampler' [(Black) Vinyl EP]

The Spy From Cairo

Arabadub Sampler

Black Vinyl

Vinyl EP Record


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The Spy From Cairo aka Zeb is the kind of musician that fits perfectly in the downtown NYC music scene - Italian by birth, Gypsy by heritage, and New Yorker by residence, he has been closely associated with the Turntables on the Hudson scene for close to 12 years. Under a mix of monikers, he has produced dozens of albums as Zeb, The Spy From Cairo and the Organic Grooves project, remixing for everyone from Baba Maal to Tosa, Billie Holliday to Novalima, quietly garnering a worlwide collective of fans and followers.

The Spy's new album, Arabadub, is perhaps his most realized vision of Middle Eastern and Jamaican sounds coalescing into something that sounds right and natural - it was conceived and produced with no samples. Zeb has programmed everything, playing traditional Middle Eastern stringed instruments called the Oud, Chifteli and the Saz himself. Check the opener "Alladin Dub," with its echoed out skanks, pulsing bassline, and majestic strings - and the deepness that is "Taksim Square," complete with the swirling, psychedelic accordion. Other highlights include the tense four-to-the-floor stomper "Desert Tears," the rolling dub of "Sons of Hannibal" with it's beautiful Middle Eastern vocal chants, the nostalgic "Egyptian Pulse" with its Steppers sound and melancholy vibes, and the dancehall vibes of "Prince Ahmed" - it's 3AM Kingston wrapped in a Bedouin Tent!
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