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<!--120111213037468-->Thirsty Fish - 'Watergate' [CD]
<!--120111213037468-->Thirsty Fish - 'Watergate' [CD]
<!--120111213037468-->Thirsty Fish - 'Watergate' [CD]
<!--120111213037468-->Thirsty Fish - 'Watergate' [CD]

Thirsty Fish





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Watergate is the very latest wikileak from Dumbfoundead, Psychosiz and Open Mike Eagle, the three-headed chimera that make up Los Angeles' Thirsty Fish. While each is an established solo artist, coming together as Thirsty Fish has allowed them to indulge different sides of their personalities and explore the sounds that come out of the synergy. Featuring invited guests Busdriver and Swim Team over production by a slew of heavy hitters including Para One, Exile, Daedelus and Tokimonsta, each member is at the top of his game. The album displays all the elements that make up the Project Blowed signature. It is melodic and wity without losing any of its verbose bite. The songs are clever, the concepts relatable, the hooks embed in your brain, and the lyricism does not disappoint. Watergate proves that not only is hip-hop alive and well, it's Thirsty, in the form of Open Mike Eagle, Psychosiz and Dumbfoundead.

Los Angeles' Thirsty Fish provides every bit of the range you would expect from the top tier of Project Blowed. The group is comprised of Dumbfoundead, an Asian battle rap and internet sensation from Korea Town; Psychosiz, South Central's geeksta rapper/video game designer and Customer Service alum; and Open Mike Eagle, representing Los Angeles' literati and the self-proclaimed King of Art Rap. They have each left their mark on the Los Angeles underground through their solo work, guest appearances, live shows, freestyles, viral videos, and as key members in the formation of the Swim Team. Their impeccable wordplay, tight flows and monster hooks make the most abstract track relatable, and add intelligence and wit to a straight ahead battle rap. Dumbfoundead, Open Mike Eagle and Psychosiz are names to watch for, as solo artists, and as the groundbreaking trio, Thirsty Fish.
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