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<!--2011030827-->Three Times Dope - 'The Sequel' [CD]
<!--2011030827-->Three Times Dope - 'The Sequel' [CD]
<!--2011030827-->Three Times Dope - 'The Sequel' [CD]
<!--2011030827-->Three Times Dope - 'The Sequel' [CD]

Three Times Dope

The Sequel



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Despite only releasing two albums during their heyday, Three Times Dope retain a special place amongst true hip-hop heads. The Philadelphia-based group of EST, Chuck Nice and Woody Wood, known for their swagger, slick lyrics and inventive wordplay, gained a cult following their debut album Original Stylin' in 1988.

After their break-up in the late 80s, many feared they had heard the last of the group. But, after receiving an extremely limited release in 1998, Three Times Dope's third and final album The Sequel finally receives the proper treatment it deserves from the reissue masters at Traffic Entertainment Group, in conjunction with legendary imprint Ruff House Records. The album features 14 tracks, including "EST Anthem," "Kick Dat Style" and "Da Sequel," that prove Three Times Dope's timeless chemistry and passion for hip-hop knows no expiration date.
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