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<!--2010092807-->Thug Lordz - 'Thug Money' [CD]

Thug Lordz

Thug Money


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  • Sep 28, 2010
  • Hip Hop & Rap
  • 893589001939
  • RBC093CD
  • 2.7 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • RBC Records
  • C-Bo; Yukmouth
  • Luniz
Being a product of the streets, a person can often count the number of people they trust on one hand. Whether it being personal or simply business, those type of connections are few and far in between for, however, when it clicks, it clicks...and such has been the case with the street legends C Bo and Yukmouth coming together for their second "Thug Lordz" album titled "Thug Money".

A true testament to their street gospel, their first collaborative album "In Thug We Trust" has scanned close to 30K with no radio or video. Between the two of them, Yuk and Bo have released over 30 albums and sold over 10 million records worldwide. Consistency has been king for both Yukmouth and C Bo individually but with "Thug Money" this fall, the Thug Lordz plan to solidify their reign.
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