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<!--120080520013085-->Time Machine - 'Life Is Expensive' [CD]
<!--120080520013085-->Time Machine - 'Life Is Expensive' [CD]
<!--120080520013085-->Time Machine - 'Life Is Expensive' [CD]
<!--120080520013085-->Time Machine - 'Life Is Expensive' [CD]

Time Machine

Life Is Expensive




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Time Machine is making a name for themselves these party at a time. The trio of emcees Biscuit and Jet Set Jay, and DJ / Producer Mekalek is playing all the hot weeklies from Dim Mak Tuesdays and PYT in LA, to Roxy Cottontail's Heartbeat in NY, and winning over fans with their seamless set of high-energy party rapping and tongue-in-cheek synchronized dance routines. However, the east-coast bred, LA-based squad knows that every night has its last call, and that much of life is what happens before doors open the next evening. And so, on their new album, LIFE IS EXPENSIVE, the crew balances the rolling good times with a shrewd awareness of the cost of living... both literal and figurative. From the a-day-in-the-LA-life observations of "In The City of Everything", to the humorous storytelling of "The Unfortunate Twist", and the jaded generational angst of the album's title track, back to the psychedelic utopianism of "Something We're Becoming", Time Machine shows that having range is all in a day's work. The song-writing overflows with DIY attitude, and Mekalek's mostly hi-speed production boasts heavy drums and rich melodies every time. Auxiliary producer Stoerok makes the album's soundscape even more dynamic with hiscontributions of "Mountains" and "Who Cares?". Time Machine's recent MIA and Kid Sister/Janet Jackson remixes have been doing it big on the blogs and on the dancefloors. Now celebrated club producers like Scottie B and Dave Nada are taking stabs at reworking TM's own music. All of that momentum promises to keep steamrolling with the release of this new album, and the many parties to come. LIFE IS EXPENSIVE, but it can also be a whole lot of fun.
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