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<!--020120320043504-->True Believers - 'The Man' [CD]
<!--020120320043504-->True Believers - 'The Man' [CD]
<!--020120320043504-->True Believers - 'The Man' [CD]
<!--020120320043504-->True Believers - 'The Man' [CD]

True Believers

The Man



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"The Man" is the long-awaited 14-track debut release of social conscious/ political hip hop duo True Believers. The content of the album maintains a double concept which is a direct reflection of the title itself. Some tracks contain what can be considered braggadocio-style lyrics and delivery which act as an introduction for the new listener to the emcee, Bobby White and the overall True Believers message. The other meaning normally associated with the words "The Man" has inspired the more politically-charged tracks which appear to be constant throughout the album.

All the music was written by True Believers' DJ/ Producer Relik. His defining bass-heavy beats display traditional hip hop construction methods with frequent melody and drum break sampling as well as other traditional turntablism techniques such as scratching. "The Man" has two guest emcee features. One of them includes rapper and producer Blueprint of Rhymesayers Entertainment, who is featured on the track "One Question". Although "The Man" is True Believers' first release, it is the fifth release of Underground Unheard Records and an instant classic!
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