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<!--119000101012966-->UPC All-Stars - 'Don't Get Discouraged' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]

UPC All-Stars

Don't Get Discouraged

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record



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The UPC All-Stars, led by the talented, but until today unknown, keyboardist John Roode, boasts five members of the recently unearthed funk-soul powerhouse group L.A. Carnival, whose lost LP was reissued in 2003 on Stones Throw Records' funk subsidiary, Now-Again Records. The sublime, melodious, psychedelic funk of L.A. Carnival represented the cream of early '70s musicianship in the midwestern metropolis of Omaha, Nebraska. Singers Leslie Smith and Arno Lucas, guitarist Ron Cooley, horn section leader Gino Devaughn and bass player Rick Chudacoff carried forth the sweet harmonizing and thundering pulse of their L.A. Carnival experience into the mid '70s with the offshoot project entitled the UPC All-Stars. The group was named after Steve Lorenz's UPC Recording, the studio that doubled as a record label for Omaha hopefuls from all musical walks. Standing for "Universal Promotions Company," the UPC label never released this pulsating, soulful, horn-laden anthem. Fortunately for lovers of uplifting late-'70s dance-floor soul with an edge, Soul-Cal Records includes the track (vocal and instrumental versions) on a "Special Pour Disco" 12-inch Giant Single - the fourth in the highly acclaimed Soul-Cal series.
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