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<!--2006013114-->Vakill - 'Worst Fears Confirmed' [CD]
<!--2006013114-->Vakill - 'Worst Fears Confirmed' [CD]
<!--2006013114-->Vakill - 'Worst Fears Confirmed' [CD]
<!--2006013114-->Vakill - 'Worst Fears Confirmed' [CD]


Worst Fears Confirmed


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Vakill might be the quietest big seller in our history. "The Darkest Cloud" is still literally moving units to this day 3 years after the fact. A lot of indie heads have to be pumped Vakill is dropping a new album. The biggest knock about Vakill was his flow sometimes got a little congested with over usage of punch lines, which no one can say he lacks in the least bit. Dude seriously has some of the best punch lines of anyone on the indie scene. "Worst Fears Confirmed" showcases Vakill has been working hard at this hip-hop thing and just appears to be getting better. Solid throughout and Recommended. If your looking for some overly glorified thug rap this is the wrong place. Dark production and imagery abound.
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