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<!--020100427020763-->Various Artists - 'A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2' [CD]
<!--020100427020763-->Various Artists - 'A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2' [CD]
<!--020100427020763-->Various Artists - 'A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2' [CD]
<!--020100427020763-->Various Artists - 'A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2' [CD]

Various Artists

A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2



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CommonWealth Records is proud to announce the release of "A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2", a twenty track plus compilation showcasing the premier hip hop artists of Boston's underground hip hop scene as well as artists associated with Boston music movement. Proceeds from this release will be donated to to help the orphan children of Haiti. "A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2" features exclusive tracks from Boston's hip hop heavyweights and special guest appearances such as ST Da Squad, DJ Deadeye, Slaine, M-Dot, J The S, The Camp, Millyz, D-Tension, Brix, Dramatik, Gage, Cool Gzus, Ripshop, Effect, Rhetoric, Easy Money, Lord Willin, DJ Slim, Illin P, Omega Red, Lord Linz, Amadeus, Mp2, Letia Larok, Greater Good, Dickie Skinz, Vendetta, Click Animosity, and more as well as production from J. Cardim, MoSS, Insight, D-Tension, WMS The Sultan, Pauly Fingaz, Billy Blaze, Smokehouse Productions, Mp2, Vanderslice, BeatCaterez, Dickie Skinz, The Maestro Z.O.O.M., Raf Moses, Infuse, Blaze P, Nox Beatz and more.

Dru Garrity, CEO of CommonWealth Records says: "I am proud to bring together all these talented Boston artists for a positive cause. What happened in Haiti is heartbreaking and if we can help the children of this disaster with this compilation and raise funds towards humanitarian relief efforts in earthquake-stricken Haiti, it's the least we can do."

Overall, "A Boston State Of Mind Vol. 2" is a landmark project that gives something for everyone, and proves why CommonWealth Records is one of underground hip hop's most promising labels. This album is a must have for the serious hip hop collector who is looking to support a good cause.
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