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<!--120131210060772-->Various Artists - 'Best Of Jeffree's Vol. 1' [CD [2CD]]
<!--120131210060772-->Various Artists - 'Best Of Jeffree's Vol. 1' [CD [2CD]]
<!--120131210060772-->Various Artists - 'Best Of Jeffree's Vol. 1' [CD [2CD]]
<!--120131210060772-->Various Artists - 'Best Of Jeffree's Vol. 1' [CD [2CD]]

Various Artists

Best Of Jeffree's Vol. 1

CD [2CD]



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  • Dec 10, 2013
  • Electronic
  • 859649003732
  • MAD201CD
  • 3.5 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Mad Decent Records
"Since the start of Mad Decent, Diplo and I have fought the discouraging reality of having to pass on amazing records again and again. The old model of a releasing music wasn't working for us, so we had to find a new way. We brainstormed for months and came up with Jeffree's; a modern record label that embraces technology and human demand for more content by dropping a new release every week to 2 weeks. And the best part? It's all free. Yes, all releases are free to the public for a limited amount of time, no strings attached. True to Mad Decent's style, we've kept it eclectic by releasing everything from psych, juke, rap to dancehall with our main focus being emerging club music. It's a futuristic platform to expose music from the world's most revolutionary producers and artists in a way never attempted before.

It has truly been a dream of mine since I started DJing and collecting music to run my own label. Scouring the internet looking for new talent and sounds to share is the common bond that sparked Diplo and I's friendship over 10 years ago. What began as Mad Decent's 'lil experiment' has turned into one of the label's greatest success stories. So, please enjoy this varied 2-disc collection of music from some of the most talented producers the world has to offer!"
- Paul Devro
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