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<!--2014060336-->Various Artists - 'Brownswood Electrc 4' [CD]

Various Artists

Brownswood Electrc 4



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  • Jun 03, 2014
  • Electronic
  • 5060180322113
  • BWOOD0123CD
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  • Brownswood Recordings
Gilles Peterson's Brownswood imprint dips back into the electronic melting pot to compile its fourth "electr*c" compilation in as many years. The fruits of intensive exploration of the cracks and crevices within today's wonderfully fractured bass music movement, Brownswood electr*c 4 features exclusive music from a new crop of up and comers. Some like Frenchman Nikitch and Belgian wunderkind LTGL are fresh out of the blocks, whilst the likes of Deft, Adam Elemental, Glenn Astro, D Tiberio and B Lewis have cultivated relative online infamy in recent times, each carving out their own unique path and singular artistry.

As usual we run the full gamut of styles, skipping from searing hypercolour hip-hop/bass hybrids; through ever so slightly wonky deep house; furious footworkin' D&B that recalls vintage Metalheadz cuts circa '96 (but somehow sounds steadfastly futuristic); awesomely drunken R&B; wrecking ball 808- driven bangerz; and introspective emo bumps... It's a cluttered, chaotic, hyperactive kaleidoscopic trip no doubt but we wouldn't have it any other way.
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