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<!--120070403009273-->Various Artists - 'Florida Funk 1968-1975' [CD]
<!--120070403009273-->Various Artists - 'Florida Funk 1968-1975' [CD]
<!--120070403009273-->Various Artists - 'Florida Funk 1968-1975' [CD]
<!--120070403009273-->Various Artists - 'Florida Funk 1968-1975' [CD]

Various Artists

Florida Funk 1968-1975




Following the illustrious line that bore Midwest Funk (NWG 5012) and Texas Funk (NWG 5019), Florida Funk is another lovingly assembled, thoroughly researched and respectfully presented anthology of lost, rare and beautiful Black American music.
For the third time, Jazzman Records and i t s fanatical honchos Gerald "Jazzman" Short and Malcolm Catto present the definitive look into the funk hotbed of Florida's cities in the late '60s and early '70s. From the tough, urban center of Miami, to the home of Disneyworld in Orlando, to the sleepy metropolis of Tampa, one message rings clear - the Sunshine State offered up musical hopefuls who stood equal to, or better than, their major label peers. These are bands that easily give top ensembles such as the late James Brown and the JBs and Kool & the Gang a run for their funky money!
Expertly remastered, packaged with extensive liner notes, complete annotation, a historical overview of Florida and its funk meccas, and containing more photos and memorabilia in its 24-page booklet than even the most seasoned funk fiend would expect, Florida Funk is a sure shot.
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