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<!--120131029059867-->Various Artists - 'Kitsune Maison 15' [CD]

Various Artists

Kitsune Maison 15





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  • Oct 29, 2013
  • Electronic
  • 3700792275552
  • KITS052CD
  • 3.9 oz
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  • Kitsune Music
Here's the 15th edition of Kitsun Maison, a compilation jampacked with interesting fresh faces, irresistible choruses and inspired melodies... these are songs you'll want to take care of for a long time.

You might have thought Kitsun had found its balance as electro's eclectic, reigning label, yet by casually launching the career of Two Door Cinema Club, one of the most endearing indie bands these last few years, the Franco-Japanese fox has proved the world it had become an important player in the music arena. In-house bands Is Tropical (second album 'I'm Leaving' came out this summer) and Citizens! are nothing but other convincing examples, the wheel's truly in motion.

But the Parisian imprint's always been about originality and quality, regularly outbidding its previous offerings. As it were Maison 15 possibly even more than previous issues firmly cements Kitsun's taste-maker reputation by embracing an exciting vision of pop music in its ever-changing forms and delivers a solid collection of songs owed to a flock of arresting outfits and charismatic characters: Portland, Years & Years, Jonny Pierce, Techniques, The Swiss, Chela...

And that's not all, the Maison artwork, famously including quirky illustrations of Kitsun artists & friends' faces, is getting a makeover for its 15th edition! Finally, several tour dates and release parties are soon to be announced to celebrate the release of Kitsun Maison 15. Stay tuned!
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