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<!--020131126060998-->Various Artists - 'Raw Silk Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--020131126060998-->Various Artists - 'Raw Silk Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--020131126060998-->Various Artists - 'Raw Silk Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]
<!--020131126060998-->Various Artists - 'Raw Silk Vol. 1' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Various Artists

Raw Silk Vol. 1

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record


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The first installment of our compilation series titled RAW SILK, features eight artists from around the world , who came together to put down some of the most sophisticated funk gems of the year. Starting with Sweater Funk's K-MAXX - "Wanna Play Hooky", K-MAXX's soulful voice over his intricate production, professing what's on every fellas mind when Monday comes a little too fast, this jam makes every day a holiday! East Liberty Quarters alumni, Bus Crates 16 bit Ensemble - "In Gear", sonically captures the look of love with a solid funk gem that allows a beautiful dialogue between the talkbox and female harmonies to connect the spirits to get in gear ! Toni Clarke's - "Let's Do It" draws us out to the floor with G Funk baselines and silky harmonies that will have you two stepping with your partner or boogaloo throughout the universe, either way lets do it to Toni's debut vinyl appearance ! Grand Ear and Bus Crates join forces again for East Liberty Quarters - "The 206" , A dance floor stepper that baptizes you in that "206" funk that we been enjoying for the last few years ! Sasac's - "Spring Jam" drops infectious baselines with raw inverted guitar chords, that sweeps us away with a funk that is all his own, leaves us feeling refreshed every time. Benedek's "Saturday Jam" hits us with melodic synths and intricate baselines over a silky groove has us gliding up and down the block anticipating the nighttime! Henning's vinyl debut - "Peak of Summer" electrifies us with his intensity , blistering synth and talkbox arrangements that creates a dialogue that is most commonly felt on the hottest days of the year, dripping wet modern funk ! Turquoise Summers' "All Over Again" seals this compilation up with a sonic baptism, walking us into the light and showering us synthesizer magic leaving us wanting more of what we now call modern funk!
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