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<!--020120508043915-->Various Artists - 'Sticks Over My Shoulder' [(Black) Vinyl LP]

Various Artists

Sticks Over My Shoulder

Black Vinyl

Vinyl LP Record


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A compilation of Georgia bluesmen who play all in a style of there own. Truly great recordings made by George Mitchell between 1979 - 1981. Features the hypnotic sounds of John Lee Ziegler, the incredibly rockin' drum & guitar music of James Davis, the hairstands- up-on-the-back-of-your-neck voice & guitar of William Robertson (Also known as Cecil Barfield!), the unique doaist playing of Jimmy Lee Williams & the ragged & beautiful music of Jim Bunkley. Really just the best blues music you could ever hope to hear. Another testament to the brilliant ear of George Mitchell, who traveled the south in search of the real stuff & found it. Old school "tip on" cover.
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