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<!--020080624013853-->Vast Aire - 'Dueces Wild' [CD]
<!--020080624013853-->Vast Aire - 'Dueces Wild' [CD]
<!--020080624013853-->Vast Aire - 'Dueces Wild' [CD]
<!--020080624013853-->Vast Aire - 'Dueces Wild' [CD]

Vast Aire

Dueces Wild



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Vast Aire, remember him? He's the titan MC who shocked the world and conquered critics as the leader of Definitive Jux's landmark upstart crew, Cannibal Ox; their essential 2002 debut, Cold Vein, was a chart-topper in nearly every smart music critic's year-end poll. After quickly following up his critically-acclaimed 2004 solo debut, Look Mom... No Hands, with two martial arts inspired Way Of The Fist mixtapes, Vast Joined forces with Karniege under the pseudonym Mighty Joseph and released Empire State. Vast returns with his sophomore solo-LP Dueces Wild, which will be released on 6.24.08 on One Records. With guest appearances from Camp Lo's Gecchi Suede (The Dynamic Duo), Copywrite (Give Me The Mic) and a Pete Rock produced Cannibal Ox reunion track (Mecca And The Ox) Vast concluded the recording sessions for Dueces Wild supremely confident with the music he had created and states "I put letter 'U' before the 'E' in the LP title because I have paid my dues and this is the best music I have ever made. This project is about the power of the number 2 and the truth and the balance of the Yin-Yang. The number 2 influences many facets of our lives; ths is my sophomore solo-LP, your Mom and dad are 'two', you and the love of your life are 'two,' life and death, good and bad, night and day, love and hate are all interrelated with the number 'two'". Dueces wild is primarily produced by Melodius Monk, a multi-talented producer, vocalist and lyricist from the streets of Brooklyn who grew up with Vast and has been making music with Vast as far back as Cannibal Ox's inception and helped craft Dueces Wild's retro-sonic/ alternative trip hop feel.
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