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<!--2011122750-->Viktor Vaughn - 'Vaudeville Villain: Gold Edition' [CD [2CD]]
<!--2011122750-->Viktor Vaughn - 'Vaudeville Villain: Gold Edition' [CD [2CD]]
<!--2011122750-->Viktor Vaughn - 'Vaudeville Villain: Gold Edition' [CD [2CD]]
<!--2011122750-->Viktor Vaughn - 'Vaudeville Villain: Gold Edition' [CD [2CD]]

Viktor Vaughn

Vaudeville Villain: Gold Edition


CD [2CD]

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Legendary MC MF Doom (aka Zev Luv X of KMD) has opened up a lyrical wormhole which results in this classic CD - Now in Gold Edition! Contains a bonus gold-colored CD with instrumentals and accapellas, including the very rare "Saliva" instrumental produced by RJD2. The original artwork comes with gold tinted lettering.

This concept album evokes plenty of high comedy, street technology, and hijinks. Next-school beats by King Honey, Heat Sensor, and Max Bill move freely in the spaces between electronica and hiphop. Take a trip back to the origin of the Super Villain. An unanticipated time travel-machine breakdown left him stuck in the early 90's where he has no choice but to battle sucka MCs and carry out side-hustles so he can repair the time machine and go back to the future.

King Honey rips rock and roll as much as repping Philly Soul. Heat Sensor's bastard beat style borrows equally from electro, jungle, and modern composition. Max Bill's eyes are always linked to his ears so his beats are like drawings. Also contains production by RJD2.
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