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<!--2010121431-->Virtuoso - 'The Final Conflict' [CD]
<!--2010121431-->Virtuoso - 'The Final Conflict' [CD]
<!--2010121431-->Virtuoso - 'The Final Conflict' [CD]
<!--2010121431-->Virtuoso - 'The Final Conflict' [CD]


The Final Conflict


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Lyrical legend Virtuoso is back bringing the fierce energy that has attracted fans since his formative teenage years as an international underground rap sensation. His latest effort "The Final Conflict" represents the highly anticipated completion of the "Word War" trilogy (along with "The Voice of Reason" and "Evolution of the Torturer"). Production is provided by Multi-Platinum Latin Grammy award winner Musicologo, underground favorites Blue Sky Black Death, Sicknature (of snowgoons), Khrome, and Sandhill Productions. Features from Del Tha Funkee Homosapien, Akrobatik, Casual, and Torch combine with Virtuoso's trademark tounge terrorism perfectly, ensuring that "The Final Conflict" will be a hip-hop classic and a fitting finish to his highly acclaimed musical trilogy.
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