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<!--120130910059006-->Viva Viva - 'Dead In Yr Tracks EP' [(Colored) 7" Vinyl Single [2x7"]]

Viva Viva

Dead In Yr Tracks EP

Colored Vinyl

7" Vinyl Single Record [2x7"]



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Come on and crawl down to the basement now with us, and let Viva Viva's raw-as-Raw Power rock n' roll rattle your bones. Born out of a shoebox full of four-tracks, recorded in an apartment, Viva Viva has spent years honing their particular brand of blues-fueled rock in dirty underground venues and blacked-out bars. Now, with their forthcoming EP Dead In Yr Tracks, they're inviting you to listen.

Dead In Yr Tracks was recorded at Converse Rubber Tracks Studio in Brooklyn, after Viva Viva was one of 10 bands selected at 2011's SXSW Festival by Converse and presented with a Golden Record, and an invitation to record at their new studio. The EP is a heady, hissing four-track sampler of what Viva Viva does best: a grinding, chugging rock n' roll that sounds like it's been kicked out of the garage and dragged through the mud. But it's got a pop sensibility to it that's familiar and infectious, like the Rolling Stones passed out in a dive-bar bathroom, getting slapped awake by the Kinks. Drawing on old-school influences, Dead In Yr Tracks, the band's third release on Fort Point Recordings, serves as an unhinged testament to bare-bones soul of rock n' roll.
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