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<!--2012092529-->Walter Bishop Jr. - 'Coral Keys' [CD]
<!--2012092529-->Walter Bishop Jr. - 'Coral Keys' [CD]
<!--2012092529-->Walter Bishop Jr. - 'Coral Keys' [CD]
<!--2012092529-->Walter Bishop Jr. - 'Coral Keys' [CD]

Walter Bishop Jr.

Coral Keys



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The songs on Coral Keys are decisive and radiant, thankfully free of the indulgences marring many jazz records issued in the early 1970s. The title track finds flutist Vick catching a melodic light tropical breeze before and after a moderately ebullient solo by sure-fingered Bishop. On "Waltz for Zweetie," a close cousin of John Coltrane's "My Favorite Things," Vick's soprano conjures a lyric poetry that brings to mind Coltrane; here Bishop plays his heart out rather quietly. Highlighting "Track Down" is Bishop's deployment of his formidable technique in the service of his active imagination.

Walter Bishop Jr.: Piano
Idris Muhammed: Drums
Reggie Johnson: Bass
Harold Vick: Flute & Soprano
Alan Shwartz Benger: Drums
Woody Shaw: Trumpet
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