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<!--120120529044918-->Walton - 'All Night/ Mallet/ Kush' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]


All Night/ Mallet/ Kush

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record



Product Details
  • May 29, 2012
  • Electronic
  • 5055300330611
  • HDB06112
  • 8.6 oz
  • new (we only sell new items)
  • Hyperdub Records
  • Walton
All Nite' EP is the young Mancunian Walton's second set on Hyperdub, after his very well received 'Walton EP' debut for the label in 2011. Title cut 'All Nite' kicks it off with warm plucked strings, diva moans and lazer-like synths stretched to the point of anticipation over cracking grime handclaps and bass drums, until the track drops into a blocky bass line playing hide and seek with low arpeggios that spiral in and out of the mix, over a giant pounding metallic kick drum before layer-ing on the warmth again. The whole track plays with a fine balance between warm, disco-like lushness and exuberant roughness. 'Mallet' is driving and darker, building detuned, bell-like tones over a 4/4 beat ac-cented by breaks and fills and gaps, dropping into a big bass line and syncopations that disrupt the beat and bring the drama. 'Kush' is different again, taking the pace down with low end, synth hip hop with glassy chords, running over woozy pitch shifting Rhodes chords fed through a layer of crackly gauze.
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