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<!--020090714017302-->Ward 21 - 'Genesis' [CD]
<!--020090714017302-->Ward 21 - 'Genesis' [CD]
<!--020090714017302-->Ward 21 - 'Genesis' [CD]
<!--020090714017302-->Ward 21 - 'Genesis' [CD]

Ward 21




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Here is the new full length album by renown Dancehall vocal group and production crew, Ward 21! The album has 19 tracks including T.O.K and Elephant Man combinations! The album features production by Ward 21 Music, Black Chiney, Natural Bridge, Jam 2, Taxi, Bassrunner and Loony Bin. Over the last 10 years Ward 21, the veterans from Waterhouse (one of Kingston's most notorious ghettos), have been making sound-system crowds jump (and dance) from all over the world. Ward 21 pride themselves on always using killer new rhythms and lyrics, and chatting something new and different. Remember 'Bada Bada' or 'Bellyas'? These were just two of their wicked productions. King Jammy, one of Jamaica's most famous and prolific music producer's / soundsystem owners, was a mentor for Ward 21 and his sound system was their school. He produced two albums for them, Mentally Disturbed and U Know How We Roll, both released on Greensleeves. The third album, King Of The World, was released in Japan only via Victor Entertainment in 2006.
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