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<!--120110405027643-->Watts - 'On The Dial' [CD]


On The Dial


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Watts "make a superb retro rock 'n' roll racket," says Rob Forbes (Leicester Bangs). A dynamic four-piece aptly named for the gentleman drummer of the Rolling Stones, Watts' sound combines all the best elements of '70s glam, old school punk, new wave, British Invasion and straight up rock-n-roll to create a timeless amalgam that is at once familiar and fresh. The band was named one of the "Bands You Must Hear" by the UK's Classic Rock magazine in 2008 due to their previous record, "One Below The All Time Low." The newly released "On the Dial" carries on in the tradition of the "One Below..." record with a full set of rock-n-roll songs ripe for the radio. In the tradition of the Beatles and Kiss this record features all four Watts singing lead vocals.
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