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<!--020120207040907-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 50: Winter 2012 (10TH ANNIVERSARY)' [Magazine]
<!--020120207040907-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 50: Winter 2012 (10TH ANNIVERSARY)' [Magazine]
<!--020120207040907-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 50: Winter 2012 (10TH ANNIVERSARY)' [Magazine]
<!--020120207040907-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 50: Winter 2012 (10TH ANNIVERSARY)' [Magazine]

Wax Poetics

Issue 50: Winter 2012 (10TH ANNIVERSARY)



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  • Feb 07, 2012
  • WP050MZ
  • 10.7 oz
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  • Wax Poetics, Inc.
In December of 2001, Wax Poetics debuted its first issue to a small following of record collectors and "beat diggers." Ten years later, Wax Poetics has carved out a niche for itself in the world of music journalism and expanded its audience to a worldwide congregation of music lovers.

Issue 50 marks the ten-year anniversary and does so with one of the most iconic musicians in the history of African American music, the one and only Prince.

They've also done a full redesign, making the magazine slightly larger-8 10.5 inches-and have embraced a new paper stock. Wax Poetics will look a bit different on the newsstand, with a new mark making its debut in place of the old logo, but the magazine will continue to be a collectible objet d'art, something to be saved on your shelf as a musical reference manual, not recycled like other mags.

Wax Poetics has also returned to its roots as a journal and is back to being quarterly. The new price of $11.99 reflects not only radical changes in the publishing industry and the economy, but also the guarantee of continued quality from the paper stock to the writing and photographs. We vow to keep Wax Poetics in print as a tangible entity, bucking the trend of ridding our culture of old-school reading products.

In this issue...
-Prince and the Revolution: Having gained heavyweight status as James Brown's tour manager, Alan Leeds was brought on midway through Prince's 1999 tour as a freelance replacement. But after finding his niche within the sometimes peculiar Prince entourage, Alan and his now wife Gwen moved to Minneapolis to work for the artist full time. Little did they know, they were about to witness some of the greatest years in the history of popular music as Prince and the Revolution busted out with the groundbreaking album and film Purple Rain.

-Frank Ocean: After focusing on a songwriting career, Frank Ocean switched his singing for the masses. His free download album, Nostalgia, Ultra, became an instant Internet sensation for its personal, thoughtful take on modern R&B. Now Frank finds himself in a unique position of calling the shots and taking his time on his major-label debut.

-Larry Graham: From Sly and the Family Stone to his own band Graham Central Station, master funk bassist and singer Larry Graham single-handedly revolutionized the instrument while influencing many musical genres and countless musicians. A chance invitation to jam with disciple Prince has led to the formation of a deep spiritual bond that goes beyond music and into their relentless pursuit of the Truth.

-Morris Day: Morris Day is an icon of the Minneapolis-drenched sound of '80s R&B. Beginning his career as a talented drummer but winding up as the front man for the Time, Day was an important piece in the Prince puzzle and worked hard to create a bigger-than-life persona that still resonates to this day. Eventually rising from the shadow of the Purple One, Day was able to establish himself as a shining star in his own right.