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<!--120130604056792-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 55' [Magazine]
<!--120130604056792-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 55' [Magazine]
<!--120130604056792-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 55' [Magazine]
<!--120130604056792-->Wax Poetics - 'Issue 55' [Magazine]

Wax Poetics

Issue 55



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  • Jun 04, 2013
  • 96
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  • Wax Poetics, Inc.
Front cover boasts worldwide superstars Daft Punk. Editor-in-chief Andre Torres sat down with the French duo at Artform Studio record store/salon in Los Angeles and spoke to them about disco, funk, records, samples, and music history.

Back cover features the legendary hip-hop crew De La Soul. In an it's-about-time article, writer Kyle Eustice tells the story of their debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising.

Continuing with the disco theme, we speak to disco mastermind Nile Rodgers, and we got the elusive Canadian synth wiz Gino Soccio to speak on the record for the first time since he disappeared!

We also traveled to Detroit to speak to Dirt Tech Reck man Waajeed and to tell the story of the legendary Slum Village crew.

Wax Poetics brings a little for everyone: we speak to Harlemite and new jack swing architect Teddy Riley, Cream (and Tony Williams Lifetime) bassist Jack Bruce, as well as Me'Shell Ndegeocello about her new album of Nina Simone songs. Also: Lady, Ava Luna, and BLKKATHY.