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<!--120030909018223-->Why? - 'The Early Whitney EP' [CD]
<!--120030909018223-->Why? - 'The Early Whitney EP' [CD]
<!--120030909018223-->Why? - 'The Early Whitney EP' [CD]
<!--120030909018223-->Why? - 'The Early Whitney EP' [CD]


The Early Whitney EP




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  • Sep 09, 2003
  • Hip Hop & Rap
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  • ABR0035CD
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  • Anticon
  • Josiah Wolf; Why?
why? grew up in Cincinnati playing kickball in the cul de sac and watching 8-bit Nintendo in his big brother's attic bedroom. The minor key melodies of religious music and the tight belt, tight-laced shoes of his soft-spoken middle childhood in part provide the impetus for why?'s candy-time-dissonant, singsong-suicide style. In addition to his membership in cLOUDDEAD and reaching quiet, why? has collaborated with Hood, Fog, boombip, jel and sole; he has toured the world twice, performed two Peel Sessions under the cLOUDDEAD moniker, and is admired by Boards of Canada, Mum, Stereolab, Danielson Famile, The Notwist and Mogwai. why?'s quirky production and infectious melodies are merely sugar coating for the contents of a young man with unbuttoned lips and a gut spitting words.

Picking up where why?'s well-received oaklandazulasylum left off, the early whitney ep maintains why?'s unique, off-kilter, dirty-drum, digital, dark folk constructed with samplers, guitars, keyboard and all kinds of found sounds. Over unique song structures why? delivers pretty melodies and catchy, sing-songy half-raps. The record starts out with the hair-raising title track (initially released on oaklandazulasylum) "early whitney," a sad song about all things being mortal. The rest of the side continues with a similar feel and theme. Just as original and sweet as his melodies are why's words. The tracks on Side A are introspective, moody and lonely dissections of the human condition, with memorable lines like "you should whistle when you walk past a graveyard and hide your face in your trench coat collar" on "Ladyfingers," whereas Side B is more topical with songs like "Darla," a whimsical vegan anthem of sorts, starring a hen named "Darla." "me on beer" ponderings class-ism, and "the crest" brings it all back home.
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