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<!--020110712032000-->Willie Evans Jr. - 'Introducin'' [CD]
<!--020110712032000-->Willie Evans Jr. - 'Introducin'' [CD]
<!--020110712032000-->Willie Evans Jr. - 'Introducin'' [CD]
<!--020110712032000-->Willie Evans Jr. - 'Introducin'' [CD]

Willie Evans Jr.




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Willie Evans Jr. is the physical manifestation of Hip-Hop and one of the funkiest cats to ever touch a microphone and MPC. You see, not only will Willie rap circles around your favorite rappers, favorite rapper, he can also craft a beat, so funky that Clyde Stubblefield himself would be proud. The Jacksonville, Florida bred MC/Producer/ Visual Artist is at the forefront of a collective of artists that have single handedly managed to put Northeast Florida on the map as a cauldron of Hip-Hop and artistic expression.

His new album Introducin' is fully produced by Willie Evans Jr. The album itself tells the story of a kid (Willie) who's can't learn music the traditional way so he decides to use the MPC to express himself. Songs like "Introducin'" and "Dumbtron" showcase Willie's lyrical ability while songs like "Take 2" and "A$amov" display his story telling side. On "Nerd English" Willie tackles the need for MCs to front like they're hard while he embraces his nerd side with lines like "I whoop a n*gga ass but sometimes I probably can't/I pull a pistol fast but my aim is not really great".
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