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<!--020120821047537-->Willy DeVille - 'Live At The Metropol - Berlin' [(Black) Vinyl [2LP]]

Willy DeVille

Live At The Metropol - Berlin

Black Vinyl Import

Vinyl LP Record [2LP]


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  • Aug 21, 2012
  • Rock & Alternative
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  • Meyer Records
"Willy DeVille at the height of his powers in Berlin's Metropol on June 24, 2002! Simply one of the greatest concerts ever."

On the 6th of August 2012, to mark the third anniversary of Willy DeVille's death, an elaborate DVD box of three DVDs will be released - representing probably the most comprehensive document of Willy DeVille's artistic achievement. At the same time the legendary "Live at the Metropol - Berlin" concert recordings will be released on Audiophile CD and 2LP.

Line-up: Willy DeVille (vocals, guitars), Freddy Koella (guitars, violin, mandolin), David Keyes (bass, backing vocals), Boris Kinberg (percussions), Dorene and Yadona Wise (backing vocals).

Willy hurls his whisky-drenched, smoke-filled voice (...) straight down the throats of his Berlin fans. From the very first chord, the band is on fire, enveloping the master, bearing the trademark sardonic smile, with an electrifying display of instrumental pyrotechnics. (...) Willy plays it cool, drawling, crooning and whispering his way through the set, pitching his audience into an emotional roller-coaster ride. (...) As the tension is ratcheted up to boiling point, another heart-rending melodic riff moves the audience to tears once more. (Norbert Neugebauer /

Sporting his long black mane, Willy DeVille steps out into the spotlight to frenetic applause - his diamond-studded incisor glinting in the spotlight. (...) And immediately we are captivated by this roughly-hewn, hard-edged soulful voice, which growls its way though the Blues-tinged "18 Hammers" und "Cadillac Walk", before losing itself in love-sick yearning on "Across The Border Line" and "Broken Heart" or the wanton self-destruction of "Carmelita" and "Hey Joe". (...) An unforgettable evening ... (Peter E. Mller / Berliner Morgenpost)

The CD contains 18 songs from the concert. The high-quality double vinyl comprises 20 tracks, together with a 24-page booklet, featuring an interview, which now forms part of the great master's artistic legacy.
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