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<!--020071225012650-->Windimoto - 'Don't Let Me Leave Alone/ A Place For Us' [(Black) 12" Vinyl Single]


Don't Let Me Leave Alone/ A Place For Us

Black Vinyl

12" Vinyl Single Record


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What is Windimoto? In the most rudimentary sense of the word, it's the unification of two cities, one Windy and one Motor. Scratch the surface though, and you'll find that it's the unification of a few more things - upbringings, musical tastes, and a drive to push dance music as far as it can go; from the Midwest to the US coasts and beyond. With "Don't Let Me Leave Alone", Detroit-born music producer Scorpeze and Chicago House DJ Sean Haley have jumped on the Dance and Deep House scenes with a ferocity and excitement unmatched in recent years.
Preceding the release of Windimoto's debut EP, THE TRAVELS OF WINDIMOTO, "DLMLA" wets an appetite through its 12" vinyl single release. With remixes from international beat prodigy Nicolay (Foreign Exchange, Sy Smith) and the Bay Area's up-and-coming all star producer Trackademicks (Mistah F.A.B., The Postal Service), the 12" release crosses different genres and markets, uniting otherwise oddly paired fans through the A-side single.
The B-side, "A Place For Us" features Carlitta Durand (Zo!, Phonte of Little Brother) on vocals, and more help from A-side vocalist, newcomer Victor St. Clair.
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